Do you eat out a lot? How’s the old customer service these days? Well, this of course varies from establishment to establishment, and person to person. Although our opinions certainly differ, no one has to ask; why is customer service important? We all want to be treated well and acquire that friendly service we all deserve. Having worked in customer service jobs for over eight years, I can tell you that it is sometimes a stressful and thankless business. However, when you deal with the public for a living and depend on their tips for your rent, you don’t have to ask the silly question; why is customer service important? Believe me, you already know.

Engagement is when a customer raves about your product or service at your social media page, or when customer service gets an inquiry regarding the status of a delivery.


The first job I landed was at a Chinese restaurant. The owner was my best friend’s father. The first thing he asked me was; why is customer service important? Okay, I could actually barely understand what he was saying since he hadn’t learned English very well. I thought he asked me; why is cussing servants in Portland? I stalled for a moment and fortunately he was distracted by the cook. My buddy then told me what he had said, and I basically laughed it off. While I did have trouble conversing with my new boss, I didn’t have any difficulty learning the value of good customer service. It only took a few late deliveries to school me.

Late delivery equaled irritated hungry patron, which equaled no tip for me. Over the next several years I tried jobs in video stores, malls, and of course bars. Bartending brought a whole new meaning to the question; why is customer service important? When you’re dealing with folks who want alcohol, the rules change a bit. This is when you really have to keep a hold on your emotions. Remember, angry customers means no tips. When you work positions like these, you want and need the gratuity. It’s basically your paycheck.

Have you been educated on the rules of good customer service? Do you actually have to ask anymore; why is customer service important? The answer is probably no. Since most of us have dined our or been to a bar, we all know what things are crucial. We want to be waited on promptly and always presented with a smile. This not only keeps the patrons happy, but the establishment as well. Poor customer service can certainly cause a customer to never return. So you ask why is customer service important? It simply results in happy people and capital earned.