Living in New York state means that I have to worry about snow conditions each winter, and snow can mean the difference between going somewhere, and having to stay home. I love a good snow storm, but after the first few, I get tired of dealing with it. I have had to miss a lot of things just because of snow conditions, and after a while that can get very old very fast. It is important to know what is coming though, and if you don’t pay attention, you could end up stuck.

Forecasters warn that the weather will be like night and day for millions of Americans living in the eastern United States from the start of the week to midweek.


I went to visit my mom just yesterday, and even though the weatherperson told me that all was clear, I walked out of her house to find two inches of snow on my car. It was after dark, and I had to drive an hour to get home. I was not happy. Staying with my mom is really not an option, so I had to get home. This was one of those times that even though the weatherperson said the snow conditions were not going to be very bad, I should have spent more time looking out the window while I was there.

I cleaned off my car and made it home just fine, but I don’t wish to repeat the experience too many times. It is one thing to be on the roads by yourself, and quite another when you have a child with you. I had to go half the speed limit, and this added an extra hour to my trip home. By the time we got up into New York state, the roads were clear, but my daughter was beyond tired and cranky. Had I known the snow conditions were going to be worse, I would have left earlier before it had a chance to fall.

If you live with the snow each year, you have to watch the snow conditions just like I do. Now that the Internet is as big as it is, this is easier than ever. You can find current conditions on your computer as easily as you can look out the window, and you can find radar to see what might be coming in the next few hours. If you have an Internet-compatible cell phone, you can get your snow conditions anywhere you are as long as you have Internet service. Weather alerts can be emailed to you via your computer or your cell phone is you wish.