Have you ever felt that just about the time you have everything worked out something else happens? This seems to be what I am dealing with at work. Every time I have a project, report or some other kind of deadline met, something else is handed to me to complete. I would rather be busy at work than to have nothing to do; however it would be nice to have a short break in the action once in a while.

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) A new one-stop permitting center has opened in the city of Burlington with the goal of helping make city government more efficient and easier to use for citizens.

Source: https://www.wcax.com/content/news/New-Burlington-permitting-office-to-provide-one-stop-shop-for-builders–567020421.html

Last month I was helping to update everyone’s computer systems. We had been adding and replacing computers over a ten year period of time. It seemed like we were always having problems with people being able to communicate with each other because their systems would not work well together. It took a great deal of information and several presentations but the board of directors for the company were finally persuaded to up grade everyone’s computer at the same time so that we will be able to work more efficiently. Everything involving this protest was completed on a Wednesday afternoon at two o’clock. My supervisor cam into my office at two forty and told me I needed to start looking at office filing systems because things were not being done uniformly. I was not surprised at the request. I know that are office filing systems are not the most efficient; I was surprised that my supervisor could not have waited until the morning to have me start thinking about another issue. I had been looking forward to a relaxing evening with nothing to thinks about in regards to work.

That after noon I did a memo to all the department heads letting them know that the office filing systems were going to be upgraded to be uniformed. I asked that each department head email me their present filing system as well as any suggestions that would be helpful in how to best change the present systems. After that request was made I spoke to the clerical person that does the majority of my work projects regarding data entry and filing of information.

If I need something from a file I ask her to get it for me. I asked her what things about the process of accessing files she likes and which things were an issues or time consuming. She gave me some great ideas as well as insight as to why each department does things differently. Once I accomplished these two things towards my new project I went home for the day. I know that this project will be met with resistance because we are going to be asking people to change the way they do things and people do not like change.