With the emergence of the cell phone it is a wonder that we have land phones at all. But everyone isn’t ready to let go of the traditional land phone. Years ago the only local telephone service provider was Bell. This corporate giant provided phone services to homes across the United States with no competition. Gradually, other land phone service companies began to emerge as Bell became recognized as a monopoly in the telephone industry.

The head of the Federal Communications Commission said the vast disruptions caused by the deadly outbreak make it quote “imperative that Americans stay connected.”

Source: https://local21news.com/news/nation-world/providers-to-offer-free-internet-phone-services-to-those-affected-by-coronavirus-pandemic

Some of the earlier land phone companies approached potential customers with great deals and calling options. These great deals and options were not available through the Bell local telephone service provider and the company soon found out what competing for customers was all about. Fortunately, the competitive aspect involved in drawing customers is still very alive in the average telephone service provider.

The competitive aspect of the land phone line industry has also afforded customers excellent service as well as reasonable prices on long distance as well as other attractive features. When Bell monopolized as the only local telephone service provider customer complaints were not really on the top of the list of importance. Now the customer has some leverage because he can opt to find another local telephone service provider if he is not happy.

The threat of losing an unhappy customer has left many land phone line companies presenting reasonable offers that hook the client. The many packages available from the average local telephone service provider include great features including call waiting, caller identification (which many of us can’t live without) as well as a messaging service.

My local telephone service provider contacted me soon after I chose to hire on a different phone company. I wasn’t happy with my local telephone service provider and I found a better offer elsewhere. I found that the new offer did not involve adequate service so I decided to switch back.

The company welcomed me back with open arms and a credit for 75 dollars. They also switched me back without charging me a dime. The credit covered installation fees that I paid with the new local telephone service provider. I have had nothing but good service and a quality plan since returning.

I wouldn’t recommend jumping back and forth between phone companies. This can prove to be costly if you local telephone service provider doesn’t welcome you generously. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending a lot of money just switching which can run between 45 and 80 dollars depending on the local telephone service provider.