Working at the law office of James Murry, I can tell you what a fast paced profession the legal profession is. Try googling “law office of”, and you’ll see what I mean – thousands of different types of attorneys, from personal injury or “slip and fall” lawyers, to human rights lawyers who help refugees from all over the world escape tyranny and exploitation. Of course, my job at the law office of James Murry is a much more humble occupation. As a legal intern, I help with routine casework – basically a glorified way of saying I make copies, or read and outline briefs to save the lawyers some time. I don’t mind. I’m on summer break going into my last year of law school, and couldn’t have found a more prestigious lawyer to intern with. If they are happy with my work at the law office of James Murry – and by all accounts they seem to be so far – I will be offered a position here and, next year, will be able to begin work as an attorney in this very office.

Much of what we accept as legal in medical billing would be regarded as fraud in any other sector.


The interning is kind of a rite of passage. It is how firms are able to hand groom the next generation of lawyers, training them while at the same time receiving valuable service, both clerical and legal, that is too tedious and time consuming for the full-fledged lawyers to undertake. At some legal offices, they treat the interns terrible, and the whole thing is kind of like an initiation to see if they have what it takes to become full-fledged lawyers.

But here at the law office of James Murry, there is a different philosophy. The partners realize that we would not be here in the first place if we weren’t qualified for the position, and that working through law school and, next year, passing our exams, is enough of a test. But just because I don’t work at the law office of some tyrant, it doesn’t mean that I don’t work. I am asked to write briefs on many cases a week, and my legal opinions and knowledge are frequently quizzed to determine the depth of my legal knowledge. Still, I could not work at the law office of a more respectable attorney, and I am delighted at the opportunities which it presents me for the advancement of my legal career. I hope to work here next year!