I have been concerned that as I get older I am getting less tolerant of others. Other people’s behavior never used to bother me. I would just shrug it off and thank the lord for creating such an interesting place to live. I knew that not everyone always like my behavior either. As time passes it seems that I am becoming more irritated with the behaviors of others. I was discussing this with a friend of mine. She agreed that she has been feeling this way also. She feels it is because people are not practicing good manners as much as they were when we were younger.

Few customers are going to become advocates for your business or to think of you as their one and only supplier in this particular segment of the marketplace and corner of their mind if you’ve only provided them with satisfactory customer service. 

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/micahsolomon/2020/03/16/using-anticipatory-customer-service-to-create-loyal-customers-wholl-drive-your-bottom-line-in-good-timesand-stand-by-you-in-bad/#4df9b79a597c

It is not only poor manners but also poor customer service that seems to be on the rise. There are so many times that you do not get a smile out of a clerk, let alone a thank you. One of my pet peeves is when two clerks are so busy talking to each other that they ignore the customers. I was talking to my bother about this. He is in charge of customer service training for employees for a major retailer. He has been doing this job for several years.

He said that each batch of new recruits is worse than the group before them. He used to be able to concentrate on actual details about the business with the employees, now he finds that the customer service training needs to begin with a basic course in manners. His company has always had a great reputation for friendly helpful customer service. He said that this reputation is getting harder to maintain.

In the past they have been able to reward good, hard working staff with a promotion to customer service. He said that this is not always the case anymore. If he spots an employee on the floor that seems to enjoy working with the customers, and has good social skills he will invite them to be involved in the customer service training. This way he can spend more time concentrating on how to handle different transactions, rather than how to be courteous to someone. He does agree that people in general are more hurried and as a result do not always take the time to be polite, however he wants their workers to still respond in a polite and friendly manner. This is not always easy to do, but it does help to keep repeat customers, and in the highly competitive retail market this is essential for the success of a business.