Today, just about everyone is feeling the pinch of a tightening economy. You practically have to take out a loan to fill the gas tank. Some of us effectively do, by charging this essential purchase on a credit card. Going grocery shopping is not for the faint of heart – or purse. Your credit card debt rises, not through frivolous purchases, but simply trying to make ends meet.

According to a report from the credit bureau Experian, there has been a noticeable increase in credit scores for consumers across all generations in recent years, from Gen Z to the silent generation (age 74+). The majority of American consumers now score in at least the “good” range or higher.


So it’s no surprise that many people eventually reach the point where there seems to be no way out. If you find yourself in this position, don’t go for bankruptcy. No matter how dire the situation may seem, you’d do well to consider consulting a consumer credit counseling service.

You may have many credit cards, all requiring a monthly minimum payment that’s now unmanageable. If you’ve had late payments in the past, you’ve probably been served up a hefty late fee plus an increase in your interest rate. This only makes it more difficult to get out from under the entire debt, as more of your payment is going to interest rather than principal.

A consumer credit counseling service can usually negotiate a lower rate of interest and, in some cases, get some of those late fees waived. This alone can make a big enough difference that your cash flow is instantly improved.

Another way a consumer credit counseling service can help is by providing the means to consolidate your credit card debt into a single monthly payment. If you take this course of action, you can reduce your monthly payments by as much as 40-50%. This maneuver also means you’re now paying down your debt rather than just keeping up with the interest.

The aim of consumer credit counseling services is to formulate a plan that allows you to get out of debt with a disciplined approach and a monthly expenditure towards that goal that you can stick to without losing sleep and worrying yourself silly. The counselors are trained in personal finance and can give you advice tailored to your particular situation.

When you engage a consumer credit counseling service, not only does it work for you, it also benefits your creditors. Your creditors would rather be paid than suffer a write-off or have to take you to court. This is a much better alternative to bankruptcy, which shoots your credit rating down for many years to come.

So how do you go about choosing a consumer credit counseling service that delivers? You want to look for one that doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg while making spectacular promises, such as ridding you of your debt entirely. Services which are non-profit organizations are good bets for the consumer. A reputable consumer credit counseling service can get you out of debt and solvent.

Before you jump into bankruptcy, check out this better alternative route.